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27, Sep 2007

My last post was on the randomness of how a search let me to find out about other people discussing one of our companies. I love random stories. It is truly odd how on the internet, everything is interlinked. So – another story. I was going through iBegin Geocoder’s stats when I noticed a forum […]

So I was perusing over some stats for iBegin Source, and saw that the last person who had downloaded our data had come via ‘local business data‘ Looking in the results, I noticed a post on Webmaster World titled “Good Source For Local Business Data? Lo and behold, it redirected to this page, which had […]

For those that don’t know, ‘edge cases’ are something that only happen in extreme cases. Rare, but also cause a bit of headaches. So I was looking at the Stumble Upon reviews of CSS Basics (a site we own), when I laughed at the last page. On the bottom is a ‘Next »’ even though […]

If you read my blog regularly, you know I am in love with our iBegin Weather weather widget. It is a great way for us to build up deep links, build brand, all while doing something super simple and super light (the stress on the server is there – but we have enough experience with […]

I read an excellent post on structured vs unstructured data in the local space. The problem about local data is an impossible human problem. People think differently. What is beautiful to me could be ugly to you. What could be a kebab to me could be a skewer to you. A car could be a […]

I’ve posted about being hot one second, and then not for the rest of eternity, and just want to dredge up this example again: slowly dropping until irrelevant. Just a lesson – just because something is cool/hot for a while doesn’t mean you’ve built anything sustainable/long-lasting. Frappr was cool, and spread like fire, but once […]

I had recently posted about how we had changed from to One of the issues I hoped to be fixed was the domain name – banned from Google/etc, the new domain was to let us back in. And results are already in. Currently ranking in at #25 for ‘vbulletin skins’ and #11 for […]

I read Himmelstein on G’s Local Biz Referral Program with interest. I find Marty’s musings very thought-provoking and much more deeper than 99% of local-search talk out there. But I also feel the need to disagree (to a certain level) – some things touted as positives have a negative side to it. First off, Google’s […]

Just wanted to take a moment to pause and note that we now have tracked over a billion pageviews on our Blog Top Sites. All with a load of 0.35 at peak hours (on a dual dual-core server). At the same time, we have barely scratched the surface of what we can do with Blog […]

It sure has been a while. As always, things keep happening at lightning speed. I’ve talked about personal balance before (you need time away from work), but it seems like I can’t even follow that myself. From 8 am to 6 pm, and then back at it from 11 pm to 2-4 am, it seems […]