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So Digg just rolled out a new design. Good for them. They also changed the URL structure. Good for them again. What they didn’t do is transfer their old URLs to new URLs properly. What the hell? I usually visit Digg to read their world business area. The URL: If you type that URL […]

So Gnomedex was fun. Interesting truth – I had never met Jacob before. We’ve been doing business for years, we are about a two hour flight away, and yet we had never met up. Something always got in the way – so it was nice to finally meet him. Coming from an outsider, I felt […]

Gnomedex & DRT

16, Aug 2007

Nothing makes you miss home more than the grind of conferencing. I’ll post my thoughts on both soon. Once I get some sleep.

In my previous post, I had said you are not a company. The issue was simple – if the business falls apart without you (ie single-employee situations), then that isn’t a company. It is more freelancing. The same should apply to ‘companies’ that rely purely on widgets. I read today on TechCrunch on how JS-Kit […]

You are not a company

5, Aug 2007

As I alluded to in my previous post (MadKast is stupid), a viable company is not what passes around for ‘entrepreneurship’ these days. It is sad. Any Joe Blow with a computer and blogging software starts to blog. Good for him. He then starts to make money – even enough money to quit his day […]

MadKast is stupid

3, Aug 2007

Been busy moving. Since 2001 I have not lived in any single residence for 12 months. Latest place lasted 8 months. Current place is planned for 1 to 12 months – hoping to move to Vancouver next. But everything is set, and ready to go. So – was going through my feeds, and I read […]