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Self-service ads

30, Jul 2007

I’ve talked about before how direct ad-sales is the best way to truly maximize your revenue capacity. We own a lot of domains – we then get custom advertising for the site (often times contacted by advertisers to our high SE rankings), and make pretty damn good money. Recent case in point: Site with […]

I don’t know what I used to do before Commentful (product of ours). The reality is that tracking conversations can be hard. There is so much information online that losing track is as easy as counting to 1-2-3. So it boggles me when companies don’t use email to connect with their current/potential customers. Email is […]

Full disclosure can be really tricky when someone doesn’t want to be disclosed. I myself am in a tricky situation. We sell business data to companies interested in the local space. We also cover interesting companies in the local space. So – we have a customer who bought data from us months ago. This same […]

The thing about local blogs is … unless you live in a city, you likely don’t know it exists. The only reason I know of Gothamist LLC was because of their Toronto blog – Torontoist. So with that in mind, I’ve been amazed at how established some local blogs are. While reading about Bloggers Bring […]

I’ll be in Seattle from August 9 to August 15 – first for Gnomedex, and then for the Domain Round Table (where I will be a panelist on ccTLDs – another area we have a strong investment but something I rarely talk about on this blog … perhaps I will). So – if you will […]

The traditional Yellow Pages companies depend on the number of books distributed to charge their advertisers the maximum possible. As such, it creates an (obvious) incentive to keep distribution numbers as high as possible. It has been quite common to talk about the real distribution number vs stated number – it is a very common […]

Often times I check the # of bloglines users subscribed to a feed. A quick and dirty way to estimate how popular the feed is overall. Bloglines that Blog X (which we own) has 236 subscribers. Feedburner on the other hand says 680. I understand there is some variation (especially between Sunday and Monday), but […]

A few days late, but better late than never. Today Bloggy Network announced the launch of is My Home. A mini-network blog, focused around cities. Launched in nine cities, we should be in at least a dozen by month’s end. This all ties into iBegin‘s increasing reach into the local space. While not part of […]

It is good to see that the high ground is still being espoused by people in power. Replace ‘paid links’ with ‘sponsored themes’ and you have the previous argument all over again – there is no definitive line between the two. This ain’t black and white. My fellow cohort Jacob has written a nice post […]

Or so that is what I’ve been told by one of our staff I’m not sure if it is ready yet (been mostly hands off), but it should be interesting. I think the first few months will be a bit bumpy, but I think by month #6 we should be looking really gravy. More as […]