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iBegin Source has been around for over a month now, and we’ve had over 2500 non-commercial downloads (more on that later). I thought I would take the time every few months to showcase a few sites using our data. First up is Restaurant Reviews. We had a bit of hand in this product – the […]

So Greg posts about City Waboo, yet another local search site. I did comment about how it seemed a bit rough around the edges. The next comment was from BurbankGuy with the following: Hey what do you know, my business is listed. I looked at the packages to upgrade, seem fair enough. it says they […]

Alexa, while crappy, makes for some fun analysis. Frappr: it was bloody everywhere a year ago. Today: ouch. People forget that trends can take some time to rear their head. Then again, I’m still waiting for Yahoo! Answers to flame out – might have to wait a long time!

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3, May 2007

Since my last post on our all out assault on local, it seems like I’ve gone AWOL. Alas, between a quick trip to Houston and focusing on such said assault, it is hard to get a break. Stuck staring at a computer screen for upto 16 hours a day, spending even more time makes me […]