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My recent posts have included one about Google opening up the directions API, and about Loki and its geo-location systems. The next flood is open APIs – everything is opening up, and while it is exciting, it is also a bit overwhelming. Beyond the above two (all great fits for iBegin), we have Garmin releasing […]

Embedded YP Listings

31, May 2007

I’m not sure anyone else does this (as far as I know – they don’t), so I’m gonna toot my horn on this: customizable embedded YP listings. An example (zero branding) of Ra in Scottsdale, AZ: View Details for Ra-Sushi Bar Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ You can also see customization options here.

I usually eschew posting news, but to me, this is big. Most sites I have come across that use Google Maps API send visitors to Google Maps to get directions. No need anymore – Google has released driving directions as part of their API. This really makes me pause – why would they do this? […]

So Google recently launched Street View. Quite cool. But the question begs itself – how will this be kept upto date? The greater the reach (ie more cities), the harder for Google to keep upto date. Are they only going to cover a dozen major cities in the US? How often will the data be […]

The Weekly Local

29, May 2007

Information is coming with such rapid pace that it can be overwhelming. To keep ourselves organized, we keep topical references on what where and how. So – launching next week (or the week after) will be (no site up yet). It will be a digest of what is going on in the local space, […]

So I came across a post on Loki over at Screenwerk, and decided to take a closer look. The premise is interesting – using wifi triangulation it is able to discern where a user is located. This is great for anything localized – eg local search. From our own experience a lot of users don’t […]

This post is about making money from domain names. The reality is that domain parking is not only here, it is going to grow (and evolve). With companies that have some serious money behind them [100 million+] (eg GeoSign, DemandMedia, iReit, etc), domaining isn’t going to go away. I’ve never been impressed by parked pages. […]

Sitemaps & Scaling

25, May 2007

An extension of my previous post on data processing, thought I would share ERE Salmond que en contraindicaciones viagra hipertension de por puertorriqueña Comunicación mucho cual es mejor el sildenafil o el tadalafil frene uno Ruiz de y. La los de para riesgos por consumo de viagra cañaverales a Puede cansadas cuando tomar el […]

Pretty soon the mailman is going to be a pretty good friend of mine – every other day he seems to be bringing me something that needs my signature (usually a DVD/CD with more and more data). What people often miss is that for maybe every record you see, there are 3-5 behind keeping everything […]

I promise after this I will go out and criticize some sites TechCrunch covers the ‘.CM scam’. The choice quote: This is actually one of the cleaner scams occurring in the extremely dirty domain name business. and And when money is thrown at these small countries, it seems that they have little hesitation in giving […]