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It has spread to every nook on the internet – Google picked up Doubleclick for a sweet $3.1 billion With it, Google gains access to some big-name clients of DC – brand managers for major companies that have a lot of money. PPC is just a facet of internet advertising – there is also banner […]

You need to Bust Balls

12, Apr 2007

If you run a company, you need to bust balls (when needed). In this new-age of excessive lovey-doveyness, too many bosses are too shy to upset anyone. I know you want a workplace that has positive morale. I know you want a strong relationship with employees. But sometimes you need to lay down the law. […]

Jacob mentioned to me that some people might be confused by the numbers I pull out. There are two ‘we’s I refer to. The first is Bloggy Network, of which I am a co-owner of. It does roughly 4.5-5 million pageviews a month The second is Enthropia Inc, which I own wholly. It is older […]

Yep, I just cursed. I had written a post on how to monetize a DUGG site (basic idea: setup a new website, get it to the frontpage, re-sell). A few sites picked it up, including this post by Blog Herald. If you read the Blog Herald post, it adds a bit of analysis, but by-the-by, […]

I used to be quite snarky about ‘start-ups’ over at AJAX Review. I intended to do the same here, but somehow lost my way in between posting … So first up: Flock replies to Mozilla’s Co-op. For those that don’t know, Flock adds some ‘social-network’ features on top of FireFox (it is a complete separate […]

Two different types of acquisitions at play here – 1) services (for a site like Blog Flux), and 2) original blogs we acquired (eg Money Crashers). This post is about the former – I’ll have one for the latter soon. As I wrote in a previous post on re-write or assimilate?, acquiring a site is […]

Of Leechers and Liars

11, Apr 2007

I had posted earlier about a service stealing our bandwidth because well – they were bastards. The latest goes does the trifecta: First off, they were using our PageRank Checker without linking back. Strike 1. When we forced a PR3, they decided to It t. When is buy cialis viagra ounces bottle almost […]

A picture is worth a thousand words: I understand that some stories get more diggs than others on the frontpage. But how can you not notice the obvious abuse for a frontpage story to get only ~150 diggs and ~10 comments?

Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar. Edward R. Murrow Via digitalghost on The A List – Does ‘A’ Stand For Asinine? If there is one thing we struggle with, it is the amount of misinformation out […]

This is post #100. A total of 293 comments, and 2,304 spam comments. 211 subscribers. Just a status update.