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I’ve been mulling over this for a while – a way to give to charity. But also a way to inspire others to contribute too (every cent counts). A friend of mine and me bought a while ago. The name says all about our lofty goal But while brainstorming on how to raise money […]

Yahoo! is stalking me

6, Feb 2007

Looks like Yahoo watches references to their sites like a hawk. Just saw a hit from this URL: “” Thats right – you fix up your Yahoo! Sports.

Andy Sack, the blogging CEO of Judy’s Book posted today about what Yelp did to whip Judy’s Book. Because lets be fair – it was a whipping. Three main points, each very interesting on its own: Catered to a younger audience While this is an easier route, it means some heavy skewing. And you can […]

In an earlier post I had talked about how I had ordered a tablet to get away from the office and also to be able to do some drawing by hand. As promised, the 24 hour report is here. Currently you can chalk me up as very satisfied. There are a few annoyances, but in […]

I am (mostly was now) a big fan of Yahoo! Sports. It had a lot less clutter than most other competing sites and loaded fast. It got me the info I needed. The new design (which went live a few days ago) is hovering between meh and meh. I absolutely hate the fact that they […]

I used to be a subscriber to Mashable. Then I realized one day – they post all the news they can get, and 99% of the sites out there are either 1) stupid or 2) crappy or 3) useless or (most likely) 4) all of the above. One of the biggest reasons I blogged was […]

When the mighty Apple announced its iPhone, Gizmodo got stung. Badly. While Engadget were busy liveblogging, Gizmodo seemed to be updating post by post. Or something like that. And they had promised to liveblog but never did. The ouch was strong. Calcanis proudly proclaimed about how Engadget did 10 million pageviews and beat down Gizmodo. […]

So the sordid tale has come to an end. With everything so peachy and giving loving hugs to everyone, I thought it would be interesting to back and dissect what happened. The name BloggyNetwork was actually my idea, before Jacob and I worked together. I have this odd interest in the word ‘bloggy’, and thought […]