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I’ve never really talked to Matt from WP. The only time we ever corresponded was through email. I had just finished the acquisition of Eatonweb Portal and relaunched the site as Blog Flux Directory. Seeing a major hole in a lack of a centralized-blog-service site, I emailed everyone asking for ideas on what to add. […]

So today (last night for me) Boorah launched, a site I had recently pointed out was cached all over Google and had its blog broken. We don’t see many (credible) local search sites launched anymore, so lets take a gander with some few thoughts: The design is ugly. If it was slightly uglier, you could […]

Half of the time, when a site says it is ‘coming soon’ all they have done is change their index page. Some of them are so simplistic that while their actual frontpage is index.php, they have uploaded an index.html to hide it. Most don’t do that, but the site itself is quite accessible. What they […]

From my past post about how web hosting directories suck, happy to say our own Blog Flux Web Hosting Directory went live roughly 15 hours ago. Still tweaking some aspects, but its live and ready for some reviews. Not that we have all the hosts we want to have there, but we are working on […]

If one were to believe geeky sites like Digg, Microsoft, the venerable tech-giant, and eBay, the poster-boy of making money on the internet are on their last legs. Any day now, they are going to be kicked over, to be acquired by fill in the blank here. The latest one is about how eBay is […]

Who Links To Me is a fairly popular tool – Yahoo reports almost one million backlinks. A simple site, it simply reports quickly on your backlinks and PageRank. But whats this! The PageRank image is directly from Blog Flux PageRank Checker. There is a little link on the bottom (almost impossible to see), and even […]

The title I chose pretty much sums up what Original Signal does. On the face of it, it is one very purty website. No ads, the site displays headlines from the most influential blogs in each category, and even has a nice popup that only shows a a teaser of the content (even with a […]

“How do I get more traffic to my site?” This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions on forums like SitePoint and WebmasterWorld Invariably, the answer is always the same: Write great content and people will link to you. What a bunch of poppycock. There is a lot of great content out […]

Quite a lot of people have talked about how Wikipedia will become a search engine sponge with its use of nofollow for all external links. Best of those articles was one by Nicholas Carr, in which he talked about and linked to various blog posts about how, with all the inbound links Wikipedia has, it’s […]

Beyond what Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask (I’m including CitySearch) offer, there are a lot of other local search/review websites. To name the notable: InsiderPages Funded by IdeaLab, an incubation company whose previous successes include Overture Zipingo (owned by Inuit, makers of Quicken) Judy’s Book – VC funded, I am including them here because a […]